Danny Gokey Wraps 2010 As American Idol’s Top-Debuting Artist Of The Year

Danny Gokey is celebrating the holiday season with his latest single, “Tennessee Christmas,” but Gokey is also closing 2010 with the best first-week sales of any debut album this year by an American Idol finalist. Gokey’s My Best Days, released March 2, scanned in excess of 65,000 copies in its first week according to Nielsen SoundScan, outpacing opening-week sales on other 2010 debut releases, including those from American Idol Season 9 winner Lee DeWyze and runner-up Crystal Bowersox.

Gokey’s My Best Days set multiple chart records upon its release, including the best first-week sales of any debut country male in 18 years and, with more than 19,000 downloads, earning the best opening-week digital album sales ever recorded by a debut country act.

Danny’s first holiday recording, the beautiful “Tennessee Christmas,” is at radio now, and the song is available for download at your favorite online music retailer, as well as on Danny’s site at www.dannygokey.com.

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  1. 65,000? LMAO… that's weak sales.
    Though Lee was 20x worse.
    Crystal's CD isn't out yet I thought? just a single?

  2. Danny you rock!! I love Tennessee Christmas…thank you for recording it. I am so glad you are in Country music and I am so proud to be a fan!

  3. So happy for Danny. Still disappointed he chose the country route
    with that soulful voice of his. Hope he thinks about making an R&B
    album in the future…his voice was made for that kind of music.

  4. My Best Days is a great CD–I've been playing it since it was released in March. And for a warm Christmas glow, check out Danny's version of Tennessee Christmas.

    I can't wait to see what Danny Gokey has in store for his fans in 2011!

  5. Great for Danny Gokey. Really enjoyed seeing him in concert with Tim McGraw during the summer. He did almost an hour-long set, quite awesome; made me go out and buy his CD.

  6. Danny Gokey is a great artist I love his music and his wonderful heart. Keep singing Danny and I will keep listening, attending concerts (3 already) and buying….. Thank you for this wonderful article.

  7. I'm thrilled about this news! Danny's CD is incredible–I really enjoy the blend of country with his bluesy, soulful voice and pop/rock influences. It makes for a unique sound that seems to be his alone, and it works for him. All of his accomplishments this year are even more impressive once the facts that he had next to no national promotion (unlike other Idol finalists) and doesn't have much support from country radio. Congrats are certainly in order to him. His live shows are truly brilliant and I cannot wait to see more shows of his in 2011. Great news about a amazing artist and stand-up guy. Go Danny!

  8. EDIT–In my previous post, I meant to say "…support from country radio are considered." Just to clarify. 🙂

  9. Danny has a beautiful voice. I love his country album and his Tennessee Christmas. I'm happy for him that he is doing so well.
    I heard him sing the National Anthem. Loved that too.

  10. Never a Country fan before but followed Danny into it. I love My Best Days album and have found I like some other Country Music also. Danny has said he loves being in Country Music and I wish for him to continue doing what he loves.

  11. Go Gokey!
    A nice little start to his career. The music business is really tough, but he has the talent, voice and work ethic to hopefully make it.

  12. Danny has the most amazing voice that I have ever heard this must be a huge honor coming off idol. My best days is my favorite cd of the year, I love the soulful country sound to it. Looking forward to seeing what he has in store next.

  13. I did not know who Danny Gokey was until my friend asked me to accompany her to his concert in Napa last summer. I've always been drawn to contemporary country music and after seeing him perform live, I just had to get a copy of his CD. It turned out to be my favorite CD for this year. Danny's strength, I believe, is his ability to perform live and sound better than his CD and the fact that he did not miss a beat while moving around the stage and engaging with the audience. Not all singers can do that. Next time he comes back to my area, I'll make sure I'll see him again. Looking forward to what more he has to offer.

  14. I think Danny has had an excellent '1st' year in Country! His live performances will win him even more fans – can't wait to hear his next album!

  15. So excited that Danny is ending 2010 as Top Debuting Artist of the Year, but 2011 will be even bigger for him. I can't wait for that next album!

  16. Congratulations Danny! A well deserved accomplishment. You sure are powerful and very deserving of this recognition. Your heart and soul speak volumes to many. When I look at your smile — I can see inside your soul. May this just be the beginning for you. I like a little heart and soul mixed in with my Giddy UP!

  17. Love Danny!
    He has a unique voice and great live show. So happy Randy Travis talked him into going Country, it suits him. I wouldn't be listening to him if he went R&B or Gospel.

  18. So happy for Danny he deserves the best and I know he will be great in 2011. Love anything he sings has a great voice.

  19. Danny Gokey has a wonderful voice and is a great entertainer on stage. Look forward to more music from him in 2011!

  20. I love Danny's voice. Tennessee Christmas is beautiful. I have his album and play it often. Can't wait for the next one! I hope he gets more national promotion in 2011, so everyone can hear him sing!

  21. Danny's debut album was near perfect and I am anxious to hear what he has in store for us with the second one. Hopefully it will bring out more of what he shows us in concert too, that is where he does an exceptional job!

  22. Danny Gokey puts on a great live show. Both he and the band were high energy when I saw them. The crowd was INTO it.

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