CMR Concert Review: Trans-Siberian Orchestra

The Trans-Siberian Orchestra is an experience like no other.  Not only do you experience an amazing concert event, but also a Holiday Story based on Christmas Eve composed with music.  The “rock-opera” music is powerful and invigorating where you experience, understand and appreciate the music and the instruments themselves more so than in a typical concert.   Throw in pyro-technics & a laser light show and you are in for an evening that you will not soon forget. 

The instruments are played with such passion throughout the entire show giving you a new appreciation for when you hear music.  The story that is told unfolds with such emotion that you yourself end up embracing the emotion and passion as well.  

The Trans-Siberian Orchestra is a fabulous family event that you will find yourself experiencing year after year.  To learn more about the TSO and to see if they are playing near a venue near you, please visit their official website

Marc Weiss

Lewis Lee
Marc Weiss