The Best Of Larry The Cable Guy Available Now

Larry The Cable Guy announces the release of his first ever “best of” CD, appropriately entitled The Best of Larry The Cable Guy, available everywhere NOW. The CD includes tracks from Larry The Cable Guy’s 10-year recording career, including his most recent No. 1 comedy album, Tailgate Party.

Larry The Cable Guy also released a sound board exclusive to the Apple app store in conjunction with the release of The Best of Larry The Cable Guy. The sound board, which retails for $.99, is a simple, yet entertaining comedy app that includes some of Larry’s best sayings, sounds, catch phrases and more. The application also allows fans to purchase singles, albums and ringtones through the iTunes store.
Track Listing for The Best of Larry The Cable Guy:
1. Intro / My Family is Weird / My Sister is Covered with Moles                                    
2. That’s Embarrassing / Home Depot
3. Poop Lasagna / Midgets and Gay Bars / Girls I’ve Dated
4. Terrorist or Toddler / Hooters and Hooters Airlines
5. The Right to Bare Arms / Family In Sanford  
6. Half Cocked / Male Enhancement 
7. Wife Swap / Buying in Bulk
8. The Songs / Toddler Mail
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