LeAnn Rimes Releases New Single “Crazy Women” To Country Radio

LeAnn Rimes released her new single “Crazy Women” to country radio on Monday. The fun, up-tempo, brand new song is about how love makes everyone crazy sometimes.  The song is being released as a special bonus track to LeAnn’s upcoming new album Lady and Gentleman, due out next year. 
On the album the multi-platinum artist reinterprets classic songs by such country greats as Waylon Jennings, George Jones and Merle Haggard. Singing them from a woman’s perspective, each song on the album has been rearranged and reinterpreted by LeAnn, with the album Executive Produced by 20-time Grammy Award-Winner Vince Gill, Darrell Brown (Keith Urban, Rascal Flatts) and LeAnn Rimes.
“This album was born out of when I first fell in love with country music and I realized that almost all of my favorite songs were sung by men,” says LeAnn. “I am honored to take a step back in time and sing these songs from a woman’s perspective and hopefully help reintroduce them to a new audience.”
Regarding her new single, “Crazy Women,” Leann says, “It’s just such a fun song to sing along and laugh with. After completing this album of songs by some of the most infamous men in country music to drive women crazy in love, I thought this song was a perfect edition to the album!”
As a special thank you to fans, LeAnn is remaking her signature song “Blue”, 15 years after it was released to be a part of Lady and Gentlemen. “I have been performing the song for years, it’s become a classic that people love just as much as I do, so it felt natural to remake the song for this album that covers country classics,” says LeAnn. Fans first got a taste of the album this summer when LeAnn released her remake of one of her favorite songs from growing up, the 1983 John Anderson hit, ‘Swingin’.” 
Remember to call you favorite radio stations and request to hear Crazy Women!  You can listen to the full track now on leannrimesworld.com, and click the share button to send this track to your friends!

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