David Nail “Nails It” In Concert On The “Need You Now Tour”

We got the opportunity to catch David Nail in concert as he is currently opening for Lady Antebellum’s Need You Now 2010 Tour.  The sold-out event had fans excited and anticipating the fantastic evening that was in store.  The theater looked completely full prior to Nail’s performance.  His opening intro was strong and fans were eager to welcome him to the stage. 

Nail opened with Looking For A Good Time and continued delivering songs off his current album I’m About To Come Alive.  As soon as Red Light began, fans were excited and began singing along while on their feet enjoying the hit single.  Fans remained standing for the last few songs of his set which was finalized with his current hit single Turning Home.  When Nail left the stage, the crowd still standing & applauding his performance.

David’s vocals were smooth and strong throughout his entire set and his interaction with the crowd ,as well as his stage presence, was great.  David serves as a strong opener for Lady Antebellum as he pumped up the fans for what was still ahead for the evening.

To see if David Nail is coming to an area near you, check out his tour schedule on his official website www.DavidNail.com.