CONTEST – Win An Autographed Copy Of Keith Urban’s New Release “Get Closer”


Congratulations Jordin & Madelyn! Enjoy your new Keith Urban Get Closer CD!!

Keith Urban released his new album Get Closer earlier this week which houses his current hit single “Put You In A Song”.  Target is also exclusively offering an enhanced version, which contains seven extra songs comprised of three additional brand new studio tracks and four live tracks taken from Urban’s “Love, Pain & the Whole Crazy World Tour.”  
Thanks to our friends at Capitol Records Nashville, we are celebrating Keith Urban’s new release by giving away TWO Autographed copies of Get Closer.  Contest: If you could Get Closer to Keith Urban, what would you tell him about his music?  Simply leave us a comment below, remember to leave your email address, and we will randomly pick 2 winners after the contest closes on November 30th.   You can also email us directly to be entered, please put “Keith Urban” in the subject line and email us at:  

You can also purchase Keith’s new album Get Closer for only $7.99 by clicking HERE.

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  1. If i had keith urban next to me I would tell him he's awesome and his music makes me want to get up and dancy. Which I some times do. 🙂

  2. Me and my friends were at the lcoal mall and i actually got to See and Meet Keith Urban, just about the time he was making it big…My friends were in the Game Room and i was standing out by it and just seeing people walking by and stuff, when i had to take a Double Take, i thought it was Keith but i wasnt sure..So, i just started following him close but not to close, and he walked into a Toy Store and when i heard his Accent i knew then that was him and i was shaking in my shoes, that i was just a Foot away from him..So, he talked to the people that was working in the store and then he was leaving and i was still following behind him and then he was leaving the mall and i just hollored at him "Keith" and he turned back and said "what" in his australian accent and i asked if i could get a picture with him and he said "SURE", so we got a pic together in the Mall and i was the only one that knew who he was..I, bet he cant walk in the mall like that now hahaha…I have a picture to prove it also, if anyone wants to email me and see it, i will gladly share..:)

  3. I would tell Keith: thanks so much for coming to Berlin Germany Oct 2005. I had the pleasure to meet him and chat with him for 10 minutes. Keith knows he have fans all around the world and we hope he'll come back to Europe in 2011!

  4. I have had 4 open hearts, and 1- strokes have a pacemaker and defibrillator ~ His music heals me. – and Keith's music is just so powerful.

    I would tell Keith Urban this

    "Keith- I wanna thank you for your amazing music, you are a true artiest you make me feel so happy when I lesetin to your music. you help so many people in this world including me! – and your so amazing, when I see you live- I don't have any pain, or heart problem. you take my problems, away with your amazing music. Thank for for putting out more your music for us fans!

    we love you!

    ~Kelsey Bickimer

  5. If I could tell Keith Urban anything about his music (once I was able to speak LOL) it would be to let him know how incredible I find his music. His abilities are boundless. He is an awesome guitarist and I love so many of his songs. He is such a romantic and it bleeds through in his music. Beautiful love songs. 🙂 I just love him, he is one of my very favorites.


  6. I would tell Keith Urban thanks for taking the chance to stand up and help support St. Jude's cancer patients. I did my first 5K for St. Jude’s this past year at the CMA Fest. It's amazing when Country artists and fans help one another out to make a difference.
    I would also tell Keith that he does a great job putting on a show. It must be an amazing feeling hearing fans sing along to all of your songs! He can rock the stage that’s for sure!

    coolandrew123 [at] gmail [dot] com

  7. Not only does he sing with his voice, he sings with his guitar. I love that. I would leave my records, my freedom, leave my memories, my cat my sweater and take keith and his songs instead.

  8. I would tell him how he has a song for every mood. How he is the only artist that you can listen to every single song on every single album of his without having to skip a song. His music is healing. It can make you cry or roll down the windows of your car and just jam to the music! My 16month old and my 5 year old love his music too! We have so much fun dancing silly to his music! He is truely one of a kind and will always be Entertainer of the Year to me!! There is only one Keith Urban and he rocks!!!

  9. I would tell him I love his music, and he has brought alot to country music

    itsjustme62613 at

  10. After I stopped drooling, I would tell Keith how he, more than any other artist, has touched me with his music. I would ask him how he is able to write songs that so many can relate to. He is so in touch with human emotions and it comes through so strong in his voice. He just amazing.

  11. After I stopped drooling, I would tell Keith how he, more than any other artist, has touched me with his music. I would ask him how he is able to write songs that so many can relate to. He is so in touch with human emotions and it comes through so strong in his voice. He just amazing.

  12. I would tell him that his music is wonderful to listen to and how he made such a positive impression on my daughter when she got to meet him at Stagecoach Festival this past year. She is 9 and loves his music so meeting him was a great experience. she came out talking about what a nice person he is. His songs are great and my absolute favorite is Days Go By, i can't help but sing along when I hear it on the radio. thank you- @Lanieekat

  13. It would be such a good opportunity to be able to meet Keith and tell him what his music means to me. His music really hits home in so many ways. He sings about the realities in life, stuff we can all relate to. I love his fun music too and he such a talented musician.

  14. Keith rocks would love to meet him but I'd rather own this cd since I'm a grandmaw. I'm too old for keith to like and I'd rather leave the chance for the younger generation. I'd take a cd any day over a concert.

  15. I would tell him that his song, "I'm In" changed my life. It helped me grow closer to the people I love, people I've always taken for granted all my life. After listening to it a couple of times, I realised that I was wrong all this time.

  16. I love two things about Keith Urban – the first is his love for his wife and family; the second is that he fought his demons and won. For all that he went through his music is upbeat and happy and wonderful. It's very uplifting.

  17. I would tell Keith Urban that I admire how far he has come, how his love for his family is inspiring, and how I love how he appreciates his fans. You can see it in his smile when he is performing, when he meets a fan, and when he does a TV show. He is the greatest…God bless him.

  18. I would tell Keith how much his fans appreciate how willing he is to get close to them. He's never stand off-ish like a lot of people are once they get as big as him and that means a lot to us normal folks!

  19. If I got close to Keith… I dont think I'd be able to tell him anything! ha! But I'd want to tell him that his fans really admire him for being so amazingly talented and still so humble and grounded. That doesn't happen often and it certainly makes him special

  20. I'd tell him how much I love the smile he can put on my wife's face 🙂 I love taking her to see him because it makes her so happy and our best dates have been to concerts. I'd love to be able to give her this cd

  21. I would most definitely tell him how much I admire not only his voice but also the man he has become. He is the real deal.

  22. I'd tell him about how much my music is chahin' me everyday, and how he can always make me smile, even on rainy day. and ofc, I'd tell him how much I looove him!!!

  23. If i could tell Keith how much his music means to me.
    I love his music so much. I lessen to it all day long! – I have had several open hearts, and 10 storks, and I have a pacemaker. His music heals me. When I go to his concert's. I for get I even have a heart problem. : I escape with him while his preforming. I take his music to all my surgery i have. –
    Hes the BEST person in country Music ever!! 🙂 I can't wait to see him in 2011. His music just so relaxing. He brightens up my bad days. – and makes me for get whats going on. I drown out my doctor's with his music.
    I just love his music. and it would mean THE world to me, if i could have my hero's autograph!

  24. I would tell him that he has changed my life. Not only that but i think he is the most amazing, talented, down to earth man in the world, with so much personality. He really knows how to treat his fans in the best way possible, especially by putting on tons of live shows and appearances. He also shows his love for his beautiful family like no other. The man is just amazing, and i really love everything about him.


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