CONTEST – Win A Copy Of The Book “My Country: 50 Musicians On God, America & The Songs They Love” Featuring Kenny Chesney, Taylor Swift, Brad Paisley, Carrie Underwood & Many More


Congratulations Gloria, Aiden, Jessica, Michael and Tina!! 

My Country features fifty great country music icons, from old-timers to the new generation, revealing their thoughts about God, America, and their favorite songs. There are imaginative photographs, ranging from Taylor Swift to Wynonna Judd and Little Jimmy Dickens, with interviews that explore the singers’ musical roots and inspirations, their defining moments, and their thoughts on what makes country music the heart and soul of America. 
Capturing this moment is award-winning photographer, and author of the critically acclaimed book My Last Supper, Melanie Dunea. For her new book, Dunea focuses her camera lens on the musical form most intrinsically linked to American identity- country music. In MY COUNTRY: 50 Musicians on God, America & The Songs They Love (Rodale Books; October 12 2010; Hardcover; $32.50; 224 pages w/50 color photographs), Dunea explores the world of country music, from its gritty roots to today’s country-pop.  Also included in the book are playlists of each artists’ five favorite songs of all time—gathered together, for the first time ever.

Among the other musicians featured in My Country are: Brad Paisley, Carrie Underwood, Jimmy Wayne, Julianne Hough, Lee Ann Womack, Martina McBride, Reba McEntire, Randy Travis, Vince Gill, Shelby Lynn, Clint Black, Wynona Judd, Trisha Yearwood, George Jones, plus many more. 

We have FIVE copies of My Country to give away!!!  Contest: If you were given the opportunity to photograph any Country Music Artist, who would you pick and why.  Simply leave a comment below, with your email address, and we will randomly pick winners after the contest closes on Sunday!   You can also email us directly to be entered, please put “My Country” in the subject line and email us at: 

My Country is available for purchase by clicking HERE.  The holidays are right around the corner, this would make a great gift for anyone that loves Country Music.  Also be sure to follow My Country on Twitter and like them on Facebook.


44 replies on “CONTEST – Win A Copy Of The Book “My Country: 50 Musicians On God, America & The Songs They Love” Featuring Kenny Chesney, Taylor Swift, Brad Paisley, Carrie Underwood & Many More”

  1. If I could photograph any artist, I would choose James Otto! He shows so much emotion while singing & I would love to capture those emotions. Also, just because he is such a kind, giving person.

  2. I would love to photograph Sugarland. They are so awesome live. I love how Jennifer does a lot of different moves on stage. Sugarland can put on an awesome show singing anything!

    Thanks for the chance to win.

    coolandrew123 [at] gmail [dot] com

  3. I would love to photograph Billy Currington. I think that there would be times with him that his emotions would just be overpowering,if you just due free shots,nothing posed just go with the flow.

  4. If I could photograph any artist it'd be: Josh Thompson. I just love his music and style. His voice drives me wild. He has a nice smile. I like the half a grin too 😉 but when he really smiles the photographs are just priceless! LOVE IT! Plus he is really down to earth and jokes around. Not stuck up and hasn't let fame go to his head.

  5. "Reba" the queen of country music. She is amazing. Her voice, attitude, the way she carries herself. She has stared in movies, boardway musicals, and sit coms not to mention she is a wonderful talented singer.

  6. Thank you for the contest! I'd love to photograph SugarLand…Jennifer's beauty, Kristian's twinkling eyes, and the fun spirit they both bring to all they do…they'd make this amateur photographer look talented!

  7. I would photograph Gary Allan because I believe he plays the best live show in country music out there!He is such a great artist and songwriter!He is` also quite masculine and handsome! Michelle B

  8. If I could photograph anyone it would probably have to be Carrie Underwood for me. She's such an incredibly talented artist (singer, song writer, plays the guitar and piano, actress in movies and tv, etc.) and obviously absolutely beautiful. She never takes a bad picture ever. any picture of her is stunning. she's the definition of a beautiful wonderful, perfect all-american girl!

  9. I would have to say if i had an AMAZING CHANCE to photograph a singer it would have to be Tim Mcgraw and the pic would only be his BACKEND and it would just say MCGRAW across it..If that was to be a real cd picture, it would sell Millions hahaa..:)

  10. I would photograph Kenny Chesney. He's my all time favorite singer and he's very very easy on the eyes. Also it would probably be on a beach somewhere and I love the beach!!

  11. Reba for sure! I'm amazed at how she always looks so good. She has aged beautifully. Plus I think she would be alot of fun to photograph and just hang out with.

  12. Wow, this is hard. For a girl I would pick Carrie Underwood and for a guy I would Kenny Chesney.

  13. I would pick Little Big Town, simply because they are such down to earth people & truly care about thier fans. I think itsfinally time that people start appreciating Little Big Town for who they are. The true VOCAL GROUP!

  14. I'm a fan of so many country artists but I would love to photograph Jennifer Nettles. She has so much character & personality. This book seems great, I hope I win, I really want to see what playlists the artists chose.

  15. Toby Keith. He seems so big & rough but I bet he is a big teddy bear & would be fun to capture. Maybe Trace Adkins too. Please enter me to win this book.

  16. Chris Young. Would love to photograph him. He is so nice and a great singer too. He represents country music well.

  17. I'd love to photograph Lady Antebellum. I'd want to try and capture their wild and crazy side that I haven't seen too much in photo shoots lately. (dkodl @

  18. If I could pick any artist to photograph I'd have to say Luke Bryan… he's become my new favorite, love the voice, he's got an authentic country sound… and he is not bad to look at either lol (

  19. If I could photograph any artist it would be Alan Jackson. Alan is so true to traditional country. He is a good man. He sings so beautifully AND he is as handsome as all get out.
    :- )


  20. Keith Urban! He is the best with a guitar and has a great voice to match. I would love to photogragh him and be up close!!

  21. I would photograph Rascal Flatts. These guys are so down to earth, funny and all gorgeous. I would totally put them in different poses with different backdrops and have a blast ! Thank you for the contest and good luck everyone !

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