CONTEST – Win A Copy Of A Coal Miner’s Daughter: A Tribute To Loretta Lynn


Congratulations Chelsea,NormaJean & Joseph! Enjoy your new Coal Miner’s Daughter: A Tribute To Loretta Lynn CD.

Loretta Lynn is a well known icon in the Country Music Industry. Today the tribute album for Loretta Lynn is released, Coal Miner’s Daughter: A Tribute To Loretta Lynn.  The tribute album features an all-star group of artists personally chosen by Lynn.  The collection spans a dozen of her classic hits, including seven songs that went to the top of the charts, either as solo hits or as part of Lynn’s award-winning duets with Conway Twitty.  Among the artists that were chosen for this tribute album are Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert, Sheryl Crow, Kid Rock, Faith Hill and more.

Thanks to our friends at Sony Music Nashville, we have THREE copies of this tribute album to give away.  Loretta Lynn sings about being proud to be a Coal Miner’s Daugher, we want you to tell us what you are proud of.  Simply leave us a comment below, remember to leave your email address, and we will randomly pick 3 winners throughout Wednesday, Thursday & Friday this week!   You can also email us directly to be entered, please put “Loretta Lynn” in the subject line and email us at: 

You can also purchase a copy of Coal Miner’s Daughter: A Tribute To Loretta Lynn by clicking HERE.  Also, be sure to “like” the facebook page for Coal Miner’s Daughter: A Tribute To Loretta Lynn by clicking HERE.

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  1. from *Star*

    Loretta is one Strong Lady!!! She has awesome power behind her singing, I am so glad this tribute to her was done. She truly is a spirit who gives of herself and loves what she does and loves that she warms others hearts.

  2. I'm proud of my Grandpa. we worked all his life for his wife and daughter, we traveled all around the world when he was young, but he learn how to be best hubby, daddy abd Grandpa in the world!!! I'm so pround of being his granchild!

  3. I can't wait to hear You Ain’t Woman Enough (to Take My Man) by Paramore! Crossing my fingers I win a copy of Coal Miner's Daughter – A Tribute to Loretta Lynn!

    My email is

  4. I'm proud to still be living. I need a heart transplant. In 2004 I was given 18 months to live. I'm strong enough not to let it beat me just yet. I live each day to the fullest even though its a hard challenge. The pain is sometimes too much to bare so I stay in bed. I'd love to win this I grew up listening to loretta lynn.

  5. I'm most proud if the doctors in my moms delievery room when she had me. My cord was around my neck twice. I was purple. A long 2 minutes but with the doctors not giving up I came back around. I'm doing great now. Shows why I have the middle name Heaven which is backwards 😉 I'd love to win!

  6. I am proud of my mother and father for always being there for me every step of my life. They always love me for who I am.

    Thanks for the chance to win a copy of this great tribute CD. The track list looks great!

    coolandrew123 [at] gmail [dot] com

  7. Oh gosh Loretta Lynn is COUNTRY..When i was a teenager back in the 90s, i went to see Loretta and the late great Conway Twitty in concert..Loretta sings some great down home songs that i will cherish…:)

  8. I'm proud to the daughter of my fantastic parents who work so hard all their lives. I love that their is a tribute album for Loretta. After all she IS Country.

  9. I'm proud of my daughter, who was bullied and physically attacked while she was in high school and who never once fought back or stooped to the other people's level because she knew if she did that it would go on her record and ruin her future plans and her life.Pat M. (

  10. I am proud of who I am today. I've worked hard to get where I am at. It hasn't always been easy but I'm proud of myself.

    I have so much to be proud of. My family most of all; parents, brother, aunts, uncles, cousins, their significant others, and more. I am the grandson of 2 coal miner grandpas. Thank you for giveing me an opportunity to remember them. I never got to meet grandpa Pride on my mom's side. He lost his life working the Virginia coal mines when my mom was 13 leaving my Grandma Maxie to raise 2 boys and 5 girls alone in Haysi, VA which now is a stop on The Crooked Road as is Bartlick, VA where my Grandpa Dewey on my dad's side lived. You need to go there. I am so proud to have been able to spend many many summers with my Grandpa Dewey when I was growing up. He was one of my best friends. He would cart me around with him everywhere. He taught me how to shoot a rifle, how to ride a horse, how to plant a garden, and so much more. He must have known that chewing tobacco was not good for me. When we would drive in his truck he would put coconut shavings in one of his empty Red Man pouches for me so I could be just like him. Grandpa Dewey lived a great life with my Grandma Lula until he eventually succumed to Black Lung Disease. But I have to say what I am most proud of is that I am Willie and Katy's son. My dad wanted better for himself and his family. He did not want his wife and boys struggling with life in the mountains and chose to serve his country in the Air Force for 23 years giving us a great life filled with travel and adventure. Happy Veterans Day to all of our Men & Women who are serving and have served in our Armed Forces. Thank you! Jeff

  12. I saw the CMA's last night where they sang Coal Miners Daughter and it sounded great! I want this cd so I can hear more great music singing a classic country stars song. I'm proud to be a country music fan.

  13. Its so great that a tribute cd is being released for a country music artist like loretta lynn. I remember growing up and my parents listening to her. Its awesome that artists that we listen to today are doing this. I think the remake of Coal Miners Daughter with Sheryl Crowe and Miranda Lambert is really good. Please enter me to win

  14. I'm a proud daughter of my parents. They made me who I am today & I love them for that. It was very neat to see Loretta perform this song the other night on the awards.

  15. Loretta was the only TRUE COUNTRY ARTIST on that stage worth listening to!
    Well maybe a couple others, but "COUNTRY" music has strayed too far away from what country music should be!!!!
    too much rock and roll no longer country!!!!
    Sad that country lets in junk, paltrow/stupidland/kid rock??? are y'all crazy?? this is NOT talent much less COUNTRY! Yet you don't let in true talent who've been digging their ditch…….and earned their dues!!!

  16. I'm a proud daughter, sister, friend & confidant.
    Very neat to see Loretta perform with Miranda and Cheryl Crow.

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