CMR Shines Its Spotlight On: James Wesley

CountryMusicRocks receives information and music on artists all the time and we wanted to create a new section to showcase these artists & their music by putting them in our CountryMusicRock’s Spotlight.

The first artist to shine in CMR’s Spotlight is James Wesley. James has also been shining in the spotlight on the coveted stage at the Grand Ole Opry as he made his debut back on October 16th. Wesley will be gearing up and joining Josh Thompson & Joanna Smith on the 2010 Cold Beers & Reindeers Tour as they make their way around Texas throughout the holiday season.

James’ new single “Real” has been making its way up the country charts as the powerful song portrays a message and calls out the truth of what is real as opposed to what is displayed in reality shows such as The Bachelor, Survivor, The Amazing Race, etc… If you have not heard James Wesley’s new single “Real” on your favorite country radio station, give them a call and request them to play it. If you have, call them anyway and tell them to keep playing it. You can also take a listen to “Real” on James’ website and you can purchase his hit single on iTunes by clicking HERE.

Get to know more about James Wesley and tune in as he will be streaming a LIVE Chat on Wednesday, November 17th at 6:00pm EST where he will be “Keepin’ It Real”. You can submit questions to James during the Live Stream or email your question in advance to Head over to James Wesley’s facebook and RSVP today and be sure to tune in to the Live Chat on Wednesday!

For more information on James Wesley please visit his official website: