The JaneDear Girls Live the Dream with Rascal Flatts

The Jane Dear Girls, Danelle Leverett and Susie Brown, currently write a blog on The Comet about their life on the road. In their most recent post, they talk about having the honor of opening for Rascal Flatts. As one of the most exciting new acts in the world of country music, the JaneDear Girls prove themselves to be a feminine, yet true All-American, country duo. Their debut single, “Wildflower,” is a perfect introduction to their high energy, soaring harmonies, and world-class instrumental prowess.  

Here is their latest blog entry:
The last two weeks have been so exciting for Sue and I!!!  Our Go Fest show in Los Angeles got moved from last weekend to this weekend and the opening acts couldn’t make it.  Therefore, the JaneDear girls got bumped up from playing on the side stage to OPENING for Rascal Flatts! CRAZY!!!  The Flatts have been a huge inspiration to Susie and I over the last ten years, so this is definitely going to be a dream come true for us!
Every week that we are out doing shows we see the progress of our single “Wildflower.” In San Diego last week, I seriously almost started crying on stage. On the last chorus, we stopped singing the song and Susie held out the mic to hear a bar full of people singing our song back to us. We have dreamed of this happening for the last five years and now it’s starting. We are so grateful and humbled by the chance we are getting.
We just broke the Top 30 and are determined to do whatever it takes to keep our song climbing!Every day I wake up and smile because I am living the dream.
We are so blessed to have the best team of people surrounding us and working hard every day to break the JaneDear girls!
Thank you all…. Especially country radio for giving us a chance!  

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