The JaneDear Girls Are Hosting A Halloween Contest!! Show Them Your Best Costume

Halloween is just around the corner and the JaneDear girls want YOU to show them your best costume ever!
How do I enter? It’s really simple! Sign up for an account on (located at the top left hand side). Take a picture in your costume. Go to the “SUBMIT PHOTOS” link on the navigation or CLICK HERE. Upload your photo by saving it to your desktop and selecting “browse”. Make sure to add a title and a description.
What is the contest deadline? You have until Friday November 5th to submit your photo.
What do I win? If you are one of the 3 selected you will win an autographed 8×10 photo of the JaneDear girls along with an exclusive t-shirt! The girls will personalize it just for you!
Rules for Best JaneDear girls costume: Dress up like Susie or Danelle from the JaneDear girls! Add some accessories like a bandana, flower ring, red lipstick, leggings… there are lots of options. Go to the photos section to get some ideas of how you can dress up like the JaneDear girls. You must resemble one of their styles in order to qualify.
Rules for Scariest costume: A scary costume can include being any character from a horror movie (Chucky, Jason, Wicked Witch, Grim Reaper). Get inspiration from a scary movie. You must make the girls shake in their boots in order to qualify.
Rules for Best Character from a Film/Cartoon costume:  Dress up like your favorite character from a cartoon or movie. These include Shrek, Spiderman, Batman, Little Red Riding Hood and many more.