Taylor Swift's "Speak Now" Single Debuts At #1 On iTunes

“Speak Now,” the title track from Taylor Swift’s upcoming Big Machine Records album, was released on iTunes on Tuesday and ascended to the #1 spots atop both the iTunes All-genre Singles Chart and the iTunes Country Singles Chart within hours of its release. The song remains at #1 on both charts, with first day sales in excess of 85,600 downloads.

“Speak Now” is a hit with both fans and critics, with Entertainment Weekly (who this week ranks Taylor at #24 on their annual list of the Most Powerful Entertainers) lauding the song as “expertly catchy” and “one of her best tunes yet.”  Download the song now on iTunes by clicking HERE

4 replies on “Taylor Swift's "Speak Now" Single Debuts At #1 On iTunes”

  1. I love this song so much! People really need to stop being nasty about it! I mean really? She wrote that because a friend went through that! I love her!:)<3

  2. taylor swift is awesome;)
    the song is rockin' ….. awesome
    she owns half of my heart, so if you can't say anything nice then don't say anything at all.
    she is … FEARLESS:)<3
    lovelovelove t swizzle!!!

  3. Taylor Swift really do have artistic imagination in coming up with a song like that,Its cute and endearing..I love her new album,especially the speak now song…
    Dont have to say nasty things about it because it was written with an inspiration!

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