Taylor Swift Taking Over The Radio On Monday October 25th

Taylor Swift with Bob Kingsley
Only 12 days remain until Taylor Swift‘s highly anticipated album is released and on October 25th, Swift is taking over radio stations nation wide with Bob Kingsley.  Bob Kingsley’s Country Top 40 is proud to present the official 90-minute album premiere radio special with Taylor Swift and her new CD Speak Now, hosted by Kingsley. 
“Just when you think the career of Taylor Swift can’t get any more amazing, she finds a way to top herself,” says Bob Kingsley. Speak Now is a terrific record, highly melodic, both fun and thoughtful, with youthful energy and great songwriting. I’m very glad to be able to present the record and Taylor’s in-sights into it to our radio audience.”
Call your local radio station and see if Taylor Swift is taking over!