Taylor Swift Gives Fashionable Tips For Headwear

Taylor Swift writes and performs songs that her fans seem to relate to, but her fashion choices are also being looked at by fans and popular magazines as well. In fact, Taylor was photographed last week at fashion shows in Milan, Italy and Paris, France and given high points for her choices in outfits. 
She has also started a trend of fashionable headbands, which she has been seen sporting at various red carpet events and in concert. The 20-year-old superstar even makes many of them herself. “Where I get a lot of headbands is I’ll go to a crafts store, and I’ll buy the ribbons,” says Taylor. “You know they have the big spools of ribbons in a wheel, and you just take them and you snip, they’ll give a sample of however much you need and it’s really affordable, and they’re really adorable.” 

Taylor’s new album, Speak Now, is set for release on October 25th.