Lady Antebellum Releasing "A Merry Little Christmas" Album

Lady Antebellum plans to release a third album in 2011.  But… in the meantime, fans can enjoy the holidays Lady A style as they are releasing a six-song EP, entitled “A Merry Little Christmas,” on October 12th exclusively to Target stores!

“We recorded all of this in July,” Haywood tells, “so it was a little bit peculiar being in the studio in the middle of July in Nashville, Tenn., 100 degrees outside, sweating, and doing a Christmas record. But we had a great time doing it. We had the studio all decorated…We brought everything we had from our houses and decorated and tried to get into the spirit. It was a fun experience.”

The EP will include include classic songs but will also treat fans to one new track, “On This Winter’s Night”.  Haywood says to that he and bandmates Hillary Scott and Charles Kelley “tried to take some of our Christmas memories, and some of the things we remember from the holiday season, and put them into a song. It was definitely a new experience for us; we’d never written a Christmas song, really, before. But it was a lot of fun trying to look at what we do and how we spend the holidays and take that feeling and put it into a song.”

Stop by your local Target on October 12th and begin to get into the holiday spirit by picking up your copy of Lady A’s “A Merry Little Christmas”.