Kenny Chesney Reveals "Somewhere With You" Will Be His Next Single

Kenny Chesney recently sat down with Pollstar for an interview to discuss touring and his latest album release Hemingway’s Whiskey.  The interview has been split up into two parts with the first part talking about Hemingway’s Whiskey.  Chesney reveals that his next single off his new album will be Somewhere With You.

Here’s a piece of the interview as Kenny discusses Somewhere With You as his next single:
Poll Star: If you took away “Boys of Fall” and the title track, what would you say is the signature song on the album? We’ll give you a hint: it’s “Somewhere With You.”
Chesney: (laughs). Well, there are two songs on this record. I always thought “Boys of Fall” was a moment to itself. Kind of part of the record but not really. I felt like it was a moment in itself and then we start our next record, you know? But “Somewhere With You” is going to be my next single. I think it’s the most different record I’ve ever had.
One of the reasons I’m excited about Hemingway’s Whiskey is because I think it pushes my audience but it doesn’t do it to the point where I’m not still myself. And I think that’s good. I think that’s why it took so long to record the album. And regarding “Somewhere With You,” I think we all have that one person in our life that is not with us, but they’re not really gone either. You could be with someone else, you could have moved on with your life, but that person is still there. Saying goodbye to someone isn’t necessarily letting go of them. And that’s the whole idea behind “Somewhere With You.” When I heard that song, it made me think of my person that’s left but is still in there.
So I knew I had something with this song. Aside from it being a very melodic song. I could see Dave Matthews doing this song. It’s so melodic; it’s like a lava lamp. It’s so different but I still felt that it was really me. I felt melodically it was completely different and sexy.
I think about weird things when it comes to songs. How does this groove? How is this tempo? How is this cadence going to fit with all of the songs in my set at my show? And I don’t have anything like this song, so I can put it anywhere in the set. So, yeah, that’s probably my favorite song on the record and then I’d probably go with “You and Tequila” with Grace Potter.

To read the first part of the interview in full, click HERE.