Josh Turner & Family Lose Dog To Kidney Failure

Photographer Credit: Margaret Malandruccolo
Josh Turner’s beloved purebred bloodhound Moses, who became a celebrity in his own right after appearing in Josh’s “Everything Is Fine” video and several photo shoots, has died.
“We unexpectedly lost Moses due to kidney failure,” Josh says of his family’s only dog. “Moses was a special part of our family. It’s been a very hard time for us. He was the best dog there ever was.”
Moses, who was 6, died on September 24. Moses was the first “child” of Josh and his wife Jennifer, who got him shortly after their marriage seven years ago.  The couple now has two children, Hampton and Colby, and is expecting their third son in January.
Last year, Josh listed Moses as one of the five things he’s most thankful for in a People article. “He’s a bloodhound with a mild-mannered spirit. He gets my mind off of things and I wouldn’t trade him for the world,” Josh told People.
Moses had a cameo roll in Josh’s “Everything Is Fine” video and was the special guest at his annual Fan Club Party two years ago. He was prominently featured in several of Josh’s widely publicized photographs. To see footage of Josh with Moses click HERE.
Josh recently shot the video in Nashville for his upcoming single, “I Wouldn’t Be a Man.”  For more on Josh Turner, please visit his official website: