Easton Corbin "Rolls With It" As He Is Pranked By Brad Paisley

Easton Corbin has been on Brad Paisley’s H20 World Tour this summer which is starting to wind down. Brad Paisley, who is well know for pranking his tour mates, has been relatively quiet this tour season.  Well that is up until just recently and Easton is Paisley’s latest prank victim.

The Boot reported that earlier this month that Easton said, “We’ve only got about three more shows with [Brad] and since we haven’t seen any [pranks] yet, I’d be very surprised if we didn’t see something here in the next week. Whatever happens, I’ll take it like a man.”
While in Denver, CO on the Waterworld Stage during his set, the prank had started and Easton just had to  “roll with it” or at least he tried.  “This huge guy in a full body yellow leotard suit came up and it was pretty horrendous.” Easton tells CMT Radio. “I mean, I couldn’t even sing. The band was playing and I was just standing up there laughing the whole time.” 
Thinking the prank was over, and going in to his final song of his set “Roll With It”, he realized the prank wasn’t quite over.  “I start going into the chorus and I see this [bread] roll whiz by me.” “Of course, Paisley is up there throwing them. Then he runs up there and starts stuffing them down my shirt as I’m up there trying to sing the chorus and duck — because those things kind of hurt when they hit you on the side of the head. They must have been stale.”   says the singer. 
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