CMR Fan Review: Sugarland Unstaged NYC Concert

Sugarland performed an incredible concert last Monday night at the Best Buy Theater in NYC as part of the American Express Unstaged Concert Series which also aired live on VEVO.  Special guests of the evening included Ronnie Dunn, Little Big Town and surprise guest Jon Bon Jovi.  Thanks to our friends at American Express, we were able to give away a pair of tickets to this event.  Our lucky winner, Rebecca, was kind enough to recap the evening and share a review.
I can not believe that all I had to do was google Sugarland Live Concert NYC and it led me to which was giving away a pair of tickets.  What are the chances little ole me would win?

I was shocked and a little skeptical when I received the congratulatory email.  They told me to pick up my tickets at a bar near the theater and join for a pre-concert cocktail party.  Maybe I am a pessimist, but I was a little worried it wasn’t legit.  My husband was going to watch the Yankee game but he kindly met  me first so I didn’t have to go alone.  It was legit and amazing.  I walked in and received a packet with  not only 2 tickets but a gold band, free appetizers and drinks, some swag but also their NEW CD to be released the next day.  I didn’t even have to pay for their cd I have been impatiently waiting for. Plus a few people came up to check on us and thanked me for entering the contest and joining them.  It was slightly VIP style.
As I sent my husband off to watch the terrible Yankee game I made my way through Times Square (yuck) and just around the corner from my old MTV home was the Best Buy Theater.  I flashed some swag stuff from my packet to which the girl in line thought it said VIP.  Score, no waiting in line.  As they started to let people in I got a phone call from my BFF Courtney that she was down the block and able to meet me. Yay!
We entered and got pretty good seats.  It was general admission and mostly standing area only.  I wasn’t about to take a seat all the way in the back just to be “comfortable”.  We were on the second level (just above the floor level) and one row behind the railing.  Courtney and I stood for the 3 hours and danced and sang and had a great time.  My feet hurt and the baby kicked alot, but we survived.  I am not saying going to a concert 9 months pregnant was the smartest idea, but it was definitely worth it!

Did I mention Jon Bon Jovi came out for a song?!!!  I know, right.  Jennifer and Kristian were amazing as always.  They played alot from their new cd which I didn’t know so well (obviously) but they did play many of my favorites from their first, second and last cd.  No Joey or Want To but they can’t play it all.  
Thanks so much to for allowing me this amazing evening and feeling a little VIP.  Oh and their cd?  Pretty good.  Different from their past cds but I think I’m going to like it.

Thanks so much Rebecca for sharing your experience and we are very happy to hear you had such a great time!! 

*All photos courtesy of our contest winner Rebecca