CMR Album Review: Sugarland "The Incredible Machine"

Sugarland’s highly anticipated The Incredible Machine hit the shelves today but don’t expect this cd to remain on the shelves for very long!  Jennifer Nettles & Kristian Bush once again out-did themselves on this album.  The album is Incredible!!  The Incredible Machine is more than just music and singing, it is also a performance that is captivating right from the start. The dynamic personalities of both Jennifer & Kristian exudes on this album, as you can practically hear the smile on Nettles face while she is singing and feel the energy from Bush just as he displays onstage while performing.  Sugarland definitely stepped out of the box with this album and gave listeners & fans something more with their fresh and unique style & creativity.

With a strong introduction, All We Are kicks off The Incredible Machine displaying Jennifer’s solid, crisp vocals and then continues throughout the entire album.  The album titled track The Incredible Machine has a “factory” type sound to it as does Wide Open. These songs have a compelling and unique beat that sets them apart. Stuck Like Glue has proven to be a catchy song that has been well embraced by fans and country radio.  The Incredible Machine also includes songs with a strong message like Stand Up & Little MissEvery Girl Like Me & Find The Beat Again are upbeat, feel-good tracks that are sure to put you in a good mood.  Tonight showcases Jennifer’s vocals as does Shine The Light which concludes the album capturing Nettles soft yet powerful voice with an inspiring song that touches on unsaid feeling and emotions.  

The Incredible Machine is nothing short of incredible as it includes quality, creativity and personality.  Be sure to pick up a copy of The Incredible Machine today at your local retail store or click HERE to purchase on iTunes.

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