CMR Album Review: Darius Rucker "Charleston, SC 1966"

Darius Rucker’s new album Charleston,SC 1966 hits the shelves tomorrow and those shelves will probably need to be re-stocked shortly thereafter as this is an album fans will want to get their hands on right away!  Charleston, SC 1966 houses Rucker’s current single “Come Back Song” along with 12 additional tracks.  Right from the start of the album with “This”, Darius showcases his southern roots and continues to shine throughout with his smooth voice that is strong and embracing.  
Charleston, SC 1966 captivates you with songs like “We All Fall Down” which is a powerful ballad that is slow & sweet but also intense at the same time.  “I Don’t Care” features Brad Paisley and is a great song illustrating the fun personalities from both artists.  You can feel Rucker’s passion for the music and his energy is displayed nicely throughout each song.  Charleston, SC 1966 will no doubt contain several hit singles for Darius Rucker.

Be sure to pick up your copy of Charleston, SC 1966 tomorrow at a retail store near you or click HERE to order your copy now.