What's In Sugarland's Jennifer Nettles Make Up Bag???

Sugarland’s Jennifer Nettles shared her make up favorites and lifestyle tips with Daily Glow giving fans an inside look to what Jennifer uses to give her the radiant look she has each night while up on stage.
Jennifer’s mom is a big inspiration to her.  She told Daily Glow, “My mother is a good one [style icon]. She is in her 50s and very much a fox. She knows what she likes and has a perfect style sense of what looks good on her.”
Now for the good stuff, here is what you can find in Nettle’s make-up bag:
“On the Lilith Tour I received some makeup from a company called Pixi. Since then I’ve used their eye shadow and blush box for every show,”  
“For day to day, Armani Face Fabric with SPF 12 is perfect and light with protection!” 

“I use MAC Green Gel Cleanser for taking off makeup after shows,” says Nettles. “It leaves me feeling clean. I hate oily cleansers!” 
“At night I use Biotherm AquaSource Non-Stop Gel, which I found in the drugstore in Paris and can’t part with,”  This gel can also be found in the States, but only online.
When Jennifer was asked what she contributes to her healthy glow, she replied with:  “Laughter, good friends, love, good food, good wine, and an appreciation for what I have been given,” Nettles says. “Death is certain; it is the hour that is unknown. I want to live it up with grace and gratitude.” 

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