Taylor Swift Releases Exclusive Deluxe Version Of "Speak Now" To Target

Taylor Swift has teamed up with Target and on October 25th, an Exclusive Deluxe Version of Speak Now will be available.  Target’s exclusive version of the album will feature three new tracks, three remixes and 30 minutes of additional video content. This exclusive album will also feature Taylor in a red dress as opposed to the purple dress she is featured in on the other cover.
“I’m so excited about the deluxe edition of Speak Now that will be at Target!” Taylor Swift said. “I’m all about being able to give the fans special extras whenever I can, so I love that this version has video footage and even some additional songs.”  
Target is equally excited about this exclusive release as per this statement: Target is very excited to partner with Taylor Swift on her new, and much anticipated, album Speak Now. Taylor is a dynamic artist that has developed a strong fanbase that spans across all ages and geographies, and we are proud to be the only retailer to carry this exclusive new content,” said Mark Schindele, Target‘s senior vice president of merchandising. “Knowing how important Taylor’s fans are to her, we are pleased to be able to deliver three new songs, plus exclusive remixed tracks and video footage, at a great price.”

Taylor has released her first single from Speak Now, “Mine”, to country radio and has just recently performed “Innocent” this past Sunday on the VMA awards.

For more information on Taylor Swift, please visit her official website: www.TaylorSwift.com