Kenny Chesney Rising Early On September 28th To Celebrate "Hemingway's Whiskey" On Good Morning America

It’s been more than a year in the making and on Tuesday, September 28 Kenny Chesney will rise early to celebrate the release of his new album, ‘Hemingway’s Whiskey’ on Good Morning America. 

Chesney will perform his hit new single, “The Boys of Fall” a song Newsday calls “epic,” saying “only a star of Chesney’s magnitude could push a six-minute-plus football tale onto the pop charts.” It’s a song that defines how Chesney grew up and the life lessons learned along the way.

With the Sept 28 release of ‘Hemingway’s Whiskey,’ the Boston Herald predicts “country’s golden boy, Kenny Chesney, will rule the week with his new one.” 

Of the new album Chesney says, “I feel like there is something for everybody on this record. For the fans out there that love the element of our show where we’ve got the hammer down and we don’t let up and I’m up there in front of a wrecking machine, there’s a couple songs on here that they’re gonna really dig like “Live A Little,” and “Reality.” So many people also say man we just love it when you sit on a stool with your guitar and play. I’ll get to do that now with “I Didn’t Get Here Alone” or “Hemingway’s Whiskey” or “You and Tequila.”

Chesney continues, “I think there are a lot of different chapters of life in this record and with every song it takes somebody on a journey, and I’m proud of that. There are songs on here that are unmistakable, like “Small Y’all” or “Coastal.” Then again there are songs that make you think, like “Hemingway’s Whiskey,” “Somewhere With You” and “Seven Days” and obviously “The Boys of Fall.” There’s a loss of love element, there’s a carefree fun element, there’s a getting over you element, there’s a getting past you element, sports element, a feeling sorry for ourselves element, there’s a shame on you element, there’s so much stuff on this record. A lot of emotions, a lot of chapters, and I think I’ve made a record where I’m going to be doing a lot of these songs live whether people hear them on the radio or not.”

Chesney recently premiered the critically acclaimed high school football documentary “Boys of Fall” on ESPN, which will re-air on September 27. said the film is “very inspiring.”

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