Kenny Chesney Gives Fans A Taste Of "Reality"

Kenny Chesney is giving fans a chance for an early listen to a track from his new album ‘Hemingway’s Whiskey,’ out September 28 on BNA Records. With first single “The Boys of Fall” already storming the charts, currently #3 on the Billboard Country Singles chart, today Chesney premieres “Reality” at

Fans can get a break from “Reality” by logging on to The song was written by Chesney and pal Brett James whose past collaborations yielded last year’s chart-topping “Out Last Night,” the Top 10 “Keg In The Closet,” and “Spirit of A Storm” from Chesney’s introspective Lucky Old Sun album. 

Speaking about “Reality,” Chesney allows, “I take pride in the fact that when people come to our show they know we give our best every night. These people are having a great time. They’re not thinking about what’s going on in their job or not necessarily what’s going on at school. They’re just enjoying the moment with a lot of people, and having fun. I’m just glad we’re a part of that. That’s where I got the idea. And I was that guy. I went to so many shows as a kid. And I remember having the time of my life. And it did help me not think about the test that I had on Monday or whatever. I hope people feel that way when they come to our shows. And helps them escape their reality a little bit- a lot!”

Listen to “Reality” HERE and watch Chesney talk about his inspiration for the track.

Also, click HERE to watch the premiere of a live performance of ‘Hemingway’s Whiskey’ track “Coastal” from Chesney’s upcoming “Invitation Only” performance, which premieres Monday, September 27th.

Chesney will also premiere snippets of tracks from ‘Hemingway’s Whiskey’ on his “No Shoes Radio” internet radio station beginning today, and running through album release. The snippets will also offer Chesney’s commentary on the songs.

Listen to “No Shoes Radio” HERE  or on the official Kenny Chesney iPhone app.

Chesney is also offering several pre-order packages including an Exclusive Limited Edition T-Shirt.  Click HERE to order your Hemingway’s Whiskey Package.

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