Jewel Latest Single "Ten" Inspired By An Argument

Jewel, who recently wrapped up her two-month motorcycle journey with husband Ty Murray, has started hitting the airwaves with her single, “Ten,” which was inspired by a huge fight with her hubby. 
“It was a doozy, and I was pretty mad,” recalls Jewel. “I had to count to 10 just to calm down before we both said things that we would never be able to take back. I had a writing session and so, the song just started coming out about how ‘Words thrown so callously like weapons when we fight.’ And stopping to count to 10 and slowly as you get to 10, you calm down enough. And then kind of by the bridge realizing that you’re actually really, really lucky to have each other and you shouldn’t just be counting to 10 to calm down, you should be counting all the ways you’re lucky and that you love each other.”

“Ten” is the latest single from Jewel’s album, SWEET AND WILD.