Did You Wake Up With Randy Houser This Morning? If Not, Here's What You Missed

Randy Houser sings about waking up to a ‘kiss and a cup of coffee’ in his new single “A Man Like Me” (impacting radio on September 27) from his new album, THEY CALL ME CADILLAC, which hit shelves today, but this morning Houser woke up millions with his music when he performed on ABC’s Good Morning America.
“Run, go get it, download it!” said ABC co-anchor Robin Roberts about CADILLAC.  If you missed the interview you can view it HERE.
Critics agree.  Associated Press called CADILLAC “a thoughtful record that doesn’t flinch away from deep emotion…there are no clinkers here, just solid songwriting punctuated with an interesting take on the music.”

Houser admits that his sophomore effort offers fans a window into his life.  He shared with The Tennessean, “It’s my job as an artist to at least be some sort of an open book and let people know who I am and what I’m going through, whether it be bad or funny or sad.  At the end of the day, I think that when it comes to making this record, I did what I wanted to do.” He recently added, “I wanted to make a more traditional country album this time around, something that country folk like my friends and family in Lake, Mississippi — and lots of other places across the country — can relate to.”
Houser will make additional appearances this week, culminating with a performance on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday, September 27.
For the opportunity to win a copy of They Call Me Cadillac, please click HERE.
For more information on Randy Houser, please visit www.randyhouser.com.