CONTEST – Win An Autographed Joe Nichols' CD "Old Things New"


CONGRATULATIONS KAREN!! Thanks to all who entered!! We have another autographed copy to give away! Be sure to follow us on Twitter to find out how to win.  Follow us @cm_rocks.

Joe Nichol’s new single “The Shape I’m In” continues to climb the country charts as a follow up to his hit single “Gimmie That Girl”“The Shape I’m In” is off Nichol’s successful album Old Things New and we have an Autographed cd to give away!

To enter, simply take a listen to Joe’s current single “The Shape I’m In” on his website by clicking HERE and tell us what you think about his new single.  Leave a comment and remember to include your email address if you select Anonymous.  You can also email your comment to us at and we will post it.  

 Don’t forget to request “The Shape I’m In” to your local radio stations too!!  We will pick a winner next Friday.  Good Luck!

29 replies on “CONTEST – Win An Autographed Joe Nichols' CD "Old Things New"”

  1. I been a fan of Joe Nichols 4 ever..And, the song that got me hooked was his older song called "To tell you the truth, i lied"..He was sporting a cowboy look with very Long Hair back then..:) Now, his short hair and casual look and his songs are to awesome..Oh, the answer to the question, yes i love his new single, i love all his songs..:)

  2. Ahhhh! I love Joe Nichols And His Music! Especially His New Single " The Shape Im In"
    He Is Just Soo.. Country Unlike Alot of the newer Singers. His Music Just Gets To Me in a way that other music doesn't and I love It!!
    "The Sun came Up again this morning, I got a call from a long lost friend, Planned us a little road trip down to New Orleans It ain't much but it beats where Ive Been, Yeah I'm doin Alright, I'm doin Alright, I'm doin alright for the shape I'm in Yeah!"

  3. Allison emailed us and wrote:

    I love Joe Nichols's music and really like The Shape I'm In. Would love to win an autographed cd so I can hear more of his music.

  4. Jessica emailed us and wrote:

    I really like Joe Nichols new song. I went over to his website and listened to it. I hope they start playing it on the radio, I haven't heard it yet on the country stations I listen to but I am going to start requesting it.

  5. Molly emailed us and wrote:

    Great new song. I really really like Give Me That Girl and now he has another great song out. Way To Go Joe!

  6. Mike G. emailed us and wrote:

    Please enter me in this contest. Would love to win this cd.

  7. Such a great song and I hope this does well just like his last song Gimme That Girl. Hope to hear much more of Joe Nichols, he is a great singer.

  8. Karen emailed us and wrote:

    I just recently became a Joe Nichols fan when I kept hearing Gimmie That Girl on the radio and loved the song. I really like his new one and hope that starts to get played on the radio alot too. He is a great singer, I never even realized he sang the Tequila makes your clothes fall off song. I hope to win so I can know more of his music.

  9. Amy emailed us and wrote:

    Just listened to The Shape Im In and I love it. Hope its a new hit for him. Please enter me in this contest.

  10. I like the song "The Shape I'm In" I had to call the radio station just to make sure it was Joe. The DJ said yes it sure is. I said ok for rest of day can we hit repeat. He laughed and said haha just for you now that wouldn't be fair to others. He did promise to play it more. Joe rocks! Love this guy!

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