CONTEST – Win A Copy Of James Otto's New CD "Shake What God Gave Ya"

**Contest Closed**

Congratulations Alexa!!  Enjoy your new copy James Otto’s Shake What God Gave Ya!

James Otto’s new album Shake What God Gave Ya was released today and is already one of the Top Country Album on iTunes Country!  We’ve heard the album and LOVE it, check out our review HERE.  
Thanks to our friends at Warner Music, we have a copy of Otto’s new album to give away.  To enter, simply leave a comment below and tell us something “groovy” about your summer.  NOTE: If you leave a comment as Anonymous, please remember to leave your email address.  You can also email your comment to us at  We will pick a winner on Monday.
Today, is offering a fantastic deal on Shake What God Gave Ya.  Click HERE and enter the Code: PICKDEAL and you will receive $3.00 off!  

To purchase Shake What God Gave Ya on iTunes, click HERE.

29 replies on “CONTEST – Win A Copy Of James Otto's New CD "Shake What God Gave Ya"”

  1. I actually got to spend some quality time with my husband, just enjoying our time. No worries about work or stress, just relaxing! Loved every minute of it!

  2. Valerie emailed us & wrote:

    My whole summer has been groovy because I got to go to a lot of country concerts, meet a bunch of artists, and even attend cmafest in Nashville. I don't want it to end!

  3. Natalie emailed us and wrote:

    I had a great summer enjoying time with friends. We made lots of memories to hang on to. Please enter me in the James Otto contest.

  4. I thought i was gonna have another boring summer this year, but i didnt..:) Im unable to do alot of things and im on a fixed income, but i still try to do all i can for myself and mostly for others..:) So, i seen an ad in the local paper, this business was looking for someone to help them with Office work, so i had to turn in an application and next thing i knew i was hired at the beginning of the summer and im still helping them out..:) So, my GROOVY SUMMER was to help others..:)

  5. My summer has been the grooviest of my life! I have gone to countless concerts to boogie and MET RASCAL FLATTS AND JASON ALDEAN! I wish I could afford this CD, but winning it would be a great way to add it to my collection!


  6. Abigayle emailed us and wrote:

    I got to see James Otto this summer in concert with Toby Keith in Virgina Beach. He was awesome. That night was the best concert of my summer.

  7. My summer was groovy because I got to spend it with my granbabies all 8 of them it has been the best summer ever!!

  8. Leslie G. emailed us and wrote:

    My summer was "groovy" but of course not long enough. Spent lots of time at our cabin on the lake in WV with family and friends.
    Leslie G.

  9. Autumn emailed us and wrote:

    Please enter me in the James Otto contest. Just got started loving you is still one of my favorite songs and I want to hear more of his stuff.

  10. Alexa emailed us and wrote:

    I am a big James Otto fan and seen him twice. He made my summer Groovy this year at The American Ride Concert. I love his new song Soldiers and Jesus, it really hits home.

  11. Carter emailed us and wrote:

    My summer consisted of working hard and playing even harder! Enjoyed lots of good times with great friends and country music!

  12. Boots911 emailed us and wrote:

    Grooviest thing I did this summer was watch my kids learn to swim, listen to some of the Best “New Country” from Old and New Artists. I have so many New favorites from what seem to be old Friends on the Radio. Keeping time with family and singing their songs with my Best Friends, my Biggest Loves; my soul reason for loving everyday…. My kids; my family. Keep on Singing James and Keep Time with “Old Friends and Singing with your Family”.

  13. Grooviest thing about this summer was starting it off by attending James Otto's concert at historic Cain's Ballroom in Tulsa. And driving down the road with my 10 year old grandniece, singing "Groovy Little Summer Song" at the top of our lungs, people looking at us like we were crazy. Other than that, it was just a normal summer, watching my grandniece and nephew so their Mommy can work, and taking care of my Dad. A few years ago, I gave up my job to take care of my Daddy. He's 87, a World War II veteran, and has Alzhiemers disease. It was the best decision I ever made.

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