CMR Fan Review: Rascal Flatts Concert

We held a contest last month, thanks to our friends at JC Penney and were able to send 4 lucky winners & a guest to a Rascal Flatts concert in Chicago, IL.  Not only did they get to attend the concert but they were also able to Meet the band!!  Here is a concert review from one of lucky winners, Samantha.  

On Aug. 28th, I had the amazing pleasure of meeting & seeing Rascal Flatts in Tinley Park. I asked, my brother to go the show with me. He is a big Flatts fan like me & I knew he would love it. Here are a few of the amazing memories, I created on Saturday night..

Through the JcPenney’s VIP Experience passes, we won thanks to Country Music Rocks, we were to go into a VIP tent for a pre-party. They had a table of food, drinks, provided by Rascal Flatts personal caterer. We were each were given goodie bags, with a Rascal Flatts t shirt, poster, and other cool stuff in it! It was great to meet one of the other contest winners Scott and his cousin Samantha too! It was great to get to talk with everyone.I know, alot of were anxiously waiting for the moment, we would be escorted to meet Rascal Flatts! Finally, around 8:00, we were escorted to another area and waiting in line for the meet and greet..

*Meet & Greet*
I have met the Flatts guys, before being a huge fan & I always found them to be very sweet, genuine guys, and this time was no different!! The line seemed to go really fast, considering there was alot of people. It was finally my turn.. Gary, had this big smile on his face & he gave me this big hug and said “How are you doing baby?” or something like that.. haha. I told him I was great (obviously)! Next, I get up to Joe Don and get a hug from him, he said “it’s nice to meet you sweetheart.”, and then I hugged Jay, and it was picture time. I asked, them if he could try and do a group hug type of picture. Joe Don or Gary, can’t remember which (I was on cloud 9), said of course, come on group! lol. We were each given a pre-signed card, which was really cool. It was definietly a great meet and greet!

*Kellie Pickler*
We missed Chris Young due to the Flatts meet and greet. We did get to see Kellie Pickler though! She was a great opening act. She wore a black dress, sparkly heels, and looked adorable! This girl can sing! Kellie did everything from “Best Days”, to some Dolly Parton songs. My favorite from her was when she did the moving “I Wonder.” She really put everything into that song and received great reception from the crowd. She closed with her first single “Red High Heels.” Next up..

*Rascal Flatts*
Ten years of Flatts music in one night. It doesn’t get much better than that! They came on stage with a bang, literally.. Fireworks, etc.. Their stage was really cool and had all these amazing backgrounds to go with the songs. They started out with “Bob That Head” and then went back to their very first song of their career “Praying For Daylight.” They continued the night with so many of their hits “I’m Moving On”, “These Days”, “Here’s To You” (with confetti), “Broken Road”, “What Hurts The Most”, all the way up to their current single “Why Wait.” along with a few covers thrown in During “Why Wait”, Gary pulled a little girl on stage. It was adorable. They ended their regular set with a crowd favorite “Life Is A Highway.” Again, Gary brings a little kid on stage. They are so great about that and I’m sure it will be something for these kids to remember. For the encore, it started out with a guitar hero type thing on the large screens and the guys came out and did a cover of Free Ride and then went into  “Summer Nights,” where Kellie Pickler and Chris Young came out for the encore. It was such a great show! These guys are truly entertainers and after 10 years together, they are better than ever! 

If you have not seen the “Nothing Like This” tour, your definitely missing out. It was truly like nothing if you’ve seen. Thanks again, and JcPenney’s for a night I will never forget!!

Photos From The Evening Courtesy of Samantha:

Thanks for sharing your experience with us, Samantha.  It sounds like you had an incredible evening.