CMR Album Review: Joey & Rory "Album Number Two"

Joey & Rory release their sophomore album simply entitled Album Number Two tomorrow, September 14th. We had the opportunity to preview the duo’s new album and enjoyed the various characteristics they displayed in each of their songs. The chemistry of the husband & wife team radiates throughout this album, and also includes some seriously talented guitar picking bringing country back to its classic sound.
The duo display their sense of humor right at the start with their tongue-in-cheek song, album titled track Album Number Two which pokes some fun and immediately shows their charismatic personality getting the album off to a great start.  The fun upbeat aspect continues throughout their album with songs like Baby I’ll Come Back To You featuring one-liners like “when George Strait wears tight pants” and “Paisley takes the stage & forgets how to play guitar”; God Help My Man where Joey sweetly convey’s her ‘don’t mess with me’ attitude; All You Need Is Me and many more.  

My Ol’ Man is a tender song supported with strong vocals from Rory incorporated with the lightness & soothing sound from Joey making this song very touching as it captivates you the whole way through and tugs at the strings of your heart.  Joey & Rory both show their softer side on several songs throughout their album with tracks such as That’s Important To Me, Born To Be Your Woman, and more.

Their current single This Song’s For You, which features the Zac Brown Band, is a song that really does speak to everyone in one way or another. The duo’s sound is powerful, the words are memorable, and it makes for a strong conclusion to their album.  

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