CMR Album Review: James Otto's "Shake What God Gave Ya"

James Otto’s new album Shake What God Gave Ya will be released Tuesday, September 14th.  We were lucky enough to review the album in advance and enjoyed the country and the soul that Otto displays in his new album.

Shake What God Gave Ya has a unique sound throughout and while listening, that sound was appreciated more and more as each song played.  Otto’s voice is distinct and rare in the country music genre, however, it is country and it is certainly embraced. 
James kicks-off his 12-track album with “Are Ya With Me” as the opening song which has a sharp yet old-school beat that gets you pumped up for the album.  
With songs like his first hit single from this new album “Groovy Little Summer Song”, to “Lover Man”, “It’s A Good Time (For A Good Time)”, and “Just Like Sunshine” are songs that all capture the fun, upbeat charisma that Otto has been known to share while performing.
His new single “Soldier’s and Jesus” is an intimate but powerful single where Otto pays homage to those that served our country and laid down their life.  His admiration to these soldiers radiates throughout this song. 
“Love Don’t Cost A Thing” is a song that has a crisp country sound, while “Sun Comes ‘Round Again” takes you back to his southern soul roots.  

The album titled song “Shake What God Gave Ya” is a catchy tune splashed with some blues that sticks with ya long after the song is over.  

“Let’s Just Let Go” is a sultry ballad that reveals Otto’s passionate side while “She Comes To Me” has the western sound that is appealing from start to finish.

“Good Things Gone Bad” featuring Ronnie Milsap concludes the album with a strong finish as it showcases the sound that we all know and love from James Otto.  This song is a trifecta of genres as it includes the sounds of Country, mixed with a bit of R&B and topped off with a lot of Soul.

James Otto’s efforts are distinctly noticed with a lot of heart, soul and emotion combined to make a memorable album.  Be sure to stayed tuned to Country Music Rocks, because we will have an opportunity for you to win a copy of Shake What God Gave Ya.

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  1. I love James SO much and I can't wait to get a hold of this new album of his!!! (big smile)

    God bless you and him always!!!

    Holly in East Tennessee

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