Album Review: Craig Campbell "Five Spot"

Craig Campbell is no stranger to country music but is new to the country music charts with his new single “Family Man” which debuted on the charts last week and is getting strong support from country radio stations nationwide.
Craig is an artist who moved to Nashville in 2002 and got his start in the industry playing keyboards in both Luke Bryan’s and Tracy Byrd’s bands. He was also discovered playing a regular solo gig at the legendary Nashville honkytonk The Stage and since then has gone on to release his debut EP of 5 songs, entitled Five-Spot, which has already reached the Top 20 on iTunes.
We got the opportunity to take a listen to Craig’s Five-Spot and loved the crisp country sound of his voice and how he expresses his family values within his music. 
His debut single “Family Man” is a solid song showcasing Craig’s voice with a compelling storyline that folks today can relate to. “When I Get It” and “I Bought It” are fun, upbeat songs that have a tone that is familiar with what some may call “old-school” country but also each have a modern flair giving listeners the best of both worlds. “My Little Cowboy” takes listeners back to the family aspect of life where advice from father to son is passed on to the next generation. Campbell once again exercises the strength of his voice in this ballad and sounds strong yet pure all at the same time. “Chill-Axin” is the final song on the EP and is a laid-back catchy anthem that you may find yourself humming to well after the song is over.

Craig Campbell’s Five-Spot EP is available on iTunes now, click HERE to purchase. You can also check out Craig on his official website: