Trailer Choir Shakes Out A New Single To Country Radio

Trailer Choir has long been known for its energized live shows, so it’s only appropriate that the group’s latest single is not only infused with that same high energy level, but that it was also ‘born’ at a concert. “Shakin’ That Tailgate” is the result of Trailer Choir’s lead vocalist Butter having a chance meeting backstage with artist/ writer Brady Seals at a performance both acts were on.
“We had just arrived backstage for our performance at KBWF’s 2009 Beach Ball Free For All,” Butter recalls. “Brady Seals was just finishing his last song on stage and I was like ‘damn, that’s Brady Seals.’ I’ve loved everything this guy has done. So I bum rushed him like a frantic groupie as he walked off stage, introduced myself and asked him if he had any old songs sitting around the garage that might work for us.
“We exchanged contact info and they whisked him off into the limo like Paul McCartney,” Butter said.  “The very next morning he emailed me 10 songs to check out. I dug every song but didn’t feel like we could pull any of them off. Yet I kept coming back to this song called ‘Bonnie’ because of one of the phrases I kept saying over and over in my head—’shakin’ that tailgate.’ I came up with a rough verse and chorus melody and called him, and after I got over the fact that I was actually talking to Brady Seals on the phone, I proposed my idea to make ‘shakin’ that tailgate’ a song. He said ‘I’m in,’ and two days later in his studio at the old Musicians Hall of Fame in Nashville, Tennessee we gave birth to a 6 pound 3 ounce little baby song called ‘Shakin’ That Tailgate’.”
This latest single from Trailer Choir’s Show Dog-Universal Music debut CD TAILGATE is already winning fans at radio because of the high energy production and Crystal’s take no prisoners vocals.
“It’s Fall. It’s Tailgate time and with this song Trailer Choir delivers a fun, upbeat hit for Country Radio,” said Tim Roberts, WYCD/WOMC’s Operations/Program Director. “It’s perfect for the season!”
Trailer Choir will continue rolling their high-octane performance through the summer and into fall’s tailgatin’ season.  For information on concerts, special video vignettes from the band and all things Trailer Choir, please visit