Reba Receives National Artistic Achievement Award

Reba McEntire recently received the National Artistic Achievement Award during her performance in Washington DC for PBS’ A Capitol Fourth celebration [click here to watch]. Reba has always been very vocal about her love of this country and her support of the men and women who serve their country.  
When asked what it meant to be recognized in this way and  how she feels the American culture and its people has shaped her music through the years it was noted that she responded with  “It was a very touching evening for me at the Nations Capitol performing the songs ‘America The Beautiful’ and ‘God Bless America’ in front of 300,000 people.  We were all there celebrating our freedom, thanking the ones who make that possible and reveling in the beauty of the night.  The fireworks behind the Washington Monument was breath taking!  I was very humbled to be honored with the National Artistic Achievement Award,” recalls Reba.   
“The music I have gotten to make over the years has totally been formed from our American culture.  How we live, deal with private situations, our children, our parents, love, life, death, our freedom, the list goes on and on.  Country music is our American culture.  It tells the stories of how we live. That’s why people can relate to our music so well.  We’re telling their story.”  
Lucky for us, that musical story continues this fall as Reba prepares to release her next album on November 9th.