Kenny Chesney's Documentary "Boys Of Fall" Premieres Sunday On ESPN

This Sunday, August 29th at 2pm EDT, Kenny Chesney’s 60-minute documentary on high school football “Boys of Fall” will premiere on ESPN.
“Making this film had been an incredible journey for me and everyone involved,” says Chesney. “Interviewing the men in this film has made me look at my own life in a different way.  I hope people out there get as much out of watching this film as I did making it!”
“‘Boys of Fall’ captures the essence of what makes playing football so special.  In high school football and beyond, it’s a life experience as much as it is a sports experience,” says John Dahl, executive producer, ESPN Films. “The passion Kenny has for football comes through clearly in this documentary. We’re thrilled to have collaborated with him on it.”
Shooting began in fall 2009 as Chesney compiled football interviews and footage for the video for his new single “The Boys of Fall,” from the new album ‘Hemingway’s Whiskey’ out September 28 on BNA Records.  After shooting footage of friend and New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton at his high school alma mater, Chesney decided to expand the video into a full documentary film.  Over the next several months, he shot select high school games as well as interviews with stars such as Brett Favre, Peyton Manning, John Madden, Tony Dungy, Bill Parcells, Nick Saban, Mack Brown, Jim Tressel and Bobby Bowden.
While there is tremendous star power in the film, the focus is on the high school and to a lesser degree, college football experiences, with emphasis not on the stars, but on those who don’t make it big.  It depicts how for those who do not go on to long, storied careers in the NFL, like high school wide receiver Chesney, the lessons learned on the field help to shape who they are today.
After an introduction that includes Payton speaking to his old high school team in the locker room before a big game, Chesney’s film moves on to larger themes that have their own sections – Boys of Influence, Boys of Tradition, Boys of Passion, Boys of Sacrifice, Boys of Trust and Boys of Tomorrow. Each of these themes that sets apart football from any other sport is explored.
For a taste of the “Boys of Fall” documentary, watch the extended video for Chesney’s single “The Boys of Fall,” which features footage from the film: Click HERE to watch. 
To purchase “The Boys of Fall” music video on iTunes, click HERE 
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