Kenny Chesney Heads Back On The Road Again With A Full Tour Next Summer

Kenny Chesney sat down with Billboard Magazine and talked about his new album Hemingway’s Whiskey due out on September 28th,  his year off, and what everyone has been waiting to hear they talked about his plans on getting back on the road!! 

Kenny plans to head back out next year with a full tour and hit about “60-ish” tour dates including stadium venues.  “I’ve already got a 3-D rendering of what our stage show will look like on my computer right now,” Chesney says, lighting up when he discusses things like working out sightlines. “I can look at it from all angles. I don’t want to piece this thing together. If you go out like we do it, if we start in April or March, you can’t wait until January to piece this together.”
There were some things that Chesney did not miss while being out on the road, “I didn’t miss going to catering every day at 5 o’clock. I didn’t miss hanging out on the bus all day wasting time, doing certain things. I don’t miss [promoter] Louis Messina one bit,” he says, chuckling. “But, boy, I tell you, I missed that first note every night. I missed the energy of the crowd. That’s what you hope you miss, and boy, I missed it.”
You can read the full Billboard article by clicking HERE. It’s a great article where Kenny opens up about taking this year off as well as the projects he has been working on throughout this past year including Summer In 3D, his football documentary The Boys Of Fall and his new album Hemingway’s Whiskey.