Jimmy Wayne Will Be Crossing The Finish Line On His Last Leg

Jimmy Wayne has been on his trek since beginning of the year walking from Nashville to Phoenix on his Meet Meet Halfway venture. The goal line is within Jimmy’s reach and these last five miles have been most painful for Jimmy Wayne as he is doing with a broken foot.

Jimmy Wayne took to Twitter and as you can see nothing will stop him from crossing over that finish line.

I have a dang Kankle today. My right foot is swollen so big, my achilles tendon isn’t showing (& i had to spell check achilles lol..)
I’m in the RV getting an ice sock made from trash bags! My foot is so numb from the pain, I can’t feel the ice! OMGsh
WalkD as far as I could walk 2day. LayD on the concrete;N so pain; they picked me up; I’ll walk the last 5miles N2 Phoenix in the am. Thx
Going to a (doctor) podiatrists. I can’t believe this! 5 miles from the finish line & I can’t hardly walk! This is unreal!
Dr. Allan is opening his office on his day off. Arizona State Trooper Officer Lam helped facilitate this special appointment
Dr. Brian Allen, DPM 2919 S.Ellsworth RD Suite 117 Mesa, AZ 85212 determined I broke my right foot from walking down hill
DR. Brian Allen donated his services in support of project #MMH. Please send him a thank you note/email. (No phone calls please)
Dr. Allan gave me a big boot & powerful meds! Should be a fun show tonite for real lol! Heading to finish the 5 miles
I’m literally on my last leg! Lol GIVE ME THEM MEDS!!!!!!!
Jimmy Wayne told TheBoot.com “This will slow me down, but I am going to finish this walk,” he insists, adding with a smile, “I am literally on the last leg of this trek!”

This is such an unfortunate turn of events for Jimmy Wayne, but as you can see this will not stop him from finishing!! We are so proud of Jimmy and can’t wait to hear that he has crossed the line!

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