Jimmy Wayne Crosses The Finish Line & Completes Meet Me Halfway Walk

A broken foot didn’t stop Jimmy Wayne from crossing the finish line Sunday in Phoenix, AZ as the singer-songwriter–and now teen homeless advocate–completed the ambitious 1,700 mile journey he began on January 1st of this year.  

Jimmy arrived at his destination, HomeBase Youth Services, at 9:11AM PT on Sunday August 1st , and just as he departed the Monroe-Harding Home in Nashville armed with supporters walking the first mile of the journey with him, he completed the mission in the same way: locking arms with supporters who joined Jimmy for the final mile of Meet Me Halfway. 
It’s been a long journey, often through harsh conditions, but Jimmy says despite the difficulty of the walk, he would do it all again.  “This has been one of the most challenging, and at the same time rewarding experiences of my life,” Jimmy said.  “I know that might sound strange, but it’s true.  This journey has made me think back on the childhood I had – there were many nights I didn’t know where I would sleep, and had no idea if I’d have any food.  Even today, there are kids out there facing the same problems—nowhere to go, no one to care for them.  It’s just amazing that in this country child homelessness and hunger are still issues.  If this walk has helped even one child find a permanent home with a caring family, it’s been worth every step.  And if me doing it all over again would help another, I’m ready.”  
We are so proud of Jimmy Wayne but remember just because the walk is finished the cause is far from it!!  For more information on Meet Me Halfway, click here.