Jewel Goes Undercover Again


Jewel loves a good joke.  And recently Jewel turned the joke on an unsuspecting audience during an undercover Karaoke taping with  In the clip Jewel plays “Karen’, a frozen foods representative in town with business associates.  As the group enters a Karaoke club, little does anyone suspect that ‘Karen’ will be the one to wow the crowd.  
Jewel explains how getting into character with the help of a make-up and costume team helped her process the role.  “It made acting the part easier, the prosthetics and the costume, because I hardly had to do anything to come off with a much different feeling and vibe,” recalls Jewel. “It was pretty amazing.  It was fun for me to get to go through that process.  It was a neat opportunity to get to be somebody else and observe people, and not only observe them but experience what they thought of the character I was playing, as well as experience what they thought about Jewel without thinking Jewel was around.  So, it was kind of interesting.” 
I think the thing that surprised me the most was how kind the crowd was.  It was a really sweet crowd that was really pulling for ‘Karen,’ the girl that they thought was a very homely girl that could sing really good, and they were so happy for her.  They were high-fiving her and being like ‘you’re gonna make it.’  They were so excited for her, and it was such a touching thing.”  
Some may find a paradox with the intricate nature of Jewel’s music and this experience, but for longtime fans, they know that Jewel’s live show is a perfect mix of humorous storyteller and heartfelt music.  
“I love Will Ferrell,” Jewel continues.  “I love all that stuff.  I love doing improv and stand-up.  In my shows, I get to do quite a lot of it in like little skits and act out little characters.  I do a lot of dialogue, so it was fun for me to get to do it on video.  It was a blast.”  
In case you haven’t yet seen the clip, fear not: you can watch it HERE