Jaron And The Long Road To Love Talks About New Single "That's Beautiful To Me" & It's Coming To Country Radio Soon

Jaron of Jaron And The Long Road To Love has established himself as someone who clearly doesn’t shy away from what he feels with his breakout hit “Pray For You”, but listeners who are anticipating another sarcastic single will be surprised that the follow-up track, “That’s Beautiful To Me,” is anything but that.  
Sure the song has Jaron’s original stylings, but as he stated, this poignant song is just a simple, candid look at love on its finest day.  “This song represents the greatest pinnacle that I have achieved in love,” notes the rising star, currently on Toby Keith’s American Ride Tour.  “When you start dating someone, everything they do is cute… ’46 pillows all over the bed – honey, get me roses but don’t buy red – you go to buy a dog and come home with three.’ But after a while some of the cute things can become annoying.  But if you stick around long enough, it all becomes Beautiful again.  It’s the final song on the album, and I chose to end the album on a positive note because I truly believe that even though love can hurt so badly at times, the upside makes the gamble worth it.”  
Jaron is currently prepping for the music video shoot for “That’s Beautiful To Me”, a two day shoot slated for August 31st and Sept 1st in Los Angeles.  The new single officially impacts Country Radio on September 7th.