CONTEST – Win An Autographed Copy Of Blake Shelton's Six Pak "All About Tonight"


Congratulations Karen & Rachel!!  

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It has been all about Blake Shelton this week. He released his second Six Pak “All About Tonight” and it has been #1 on the iTunes Country Album Charts since its release 3 days ago.

We are excited to celebrate Blake’s successful week with you and have two (2) Autographed Blake Shelton “All About Tonight” cd’s to give away. Leave a comment and tell us what you enjoy the most about Blake Shelton! Be sure to leave your email address. You can also email us your comment to We will pick two random winners next Thursday. Good Luck!!

26 replies on “CONTEST – Win An Autographed Copy Of Blake Shelton's Six Pak "All About Tonight"”

  1. I love Blakes sense of humor and his tweets!!! Not to mention some awesome songs. Love Austin!!!

  2. His sense of humor!!! He is the funniest country music star. I luv his Take 6 Tuesdays on his website. I've seen him in concert twice and he is awesome. The first time was a songwriter's showcase in Greenville, SC at "The Blind Horse Saloon" in 2002. The second time was last week in Medina, OH and he surprised with a special guest, Miranda Lambert. They look so in love and I wish them the best with their upcoming marriage. His music is GREAT!!!

  3. He's REAL! And if you don't like him, then turn him off…he doesn't care, he's not gonna change! My favorite song of his is 'Green'. It explains how he was Green before it was cool! I love that about him! Oh and he's marrying a REAL girl too! Good for him!!!

  4. I love Blake Shelton's dry sense of humor – and his looks ,of course, but most of all I love how he is not ashamed to let everyone see how much he loves Miranda Lambert – it is beautiful to watch.
    Gayle Sutter

  5. You want to know why Blake Shelton…..Because hes marrying the most beautiful country singer Miranda Lambert. And their song Draggin The River really does Dragh The River..It Would Be Awsome To Have his autographed Cd.

  6. I havent ever seen him in concert, but i have been a fan of his since his song Austin came out..Hard to believe that he was a long haired cowboy, and now hes just a short haired Country Man with an awesome Country Gal..He, just seems to be REAL and HONEST and someone u could have a couple drinks with and talk about anything..

  7. I enjoy Blake's sense of humor, of course, and those blue eyes, sure, but it all comes down to that amazing voice! Since the first time I heard "Austin," then every single note on "Pure B.S." and now these great six-packs, Blake Shelton's vocal performances are unmatched by most of today's singers. He's truly a contemporary of George Strait and in the same class as the great vocalists of days gone by, Porter Wagoner, Don Williams and Vern Gosdin.

  8. How do you not like Blake? He is adorable, very humerous, and his amazing singing ability. His choices of songs makes me smile. Seeing him in concert was one of the best I had ever been to.

    Blake… continue doing what you do and you will always have me as a listener.

  9. I've loved Blake since he recorded AUSTIN,which even my hubby thought was so romantic. We both loved that CD. Then I especially loved THE BABY, because I had my "Free Spirit" Baby, which somehow, reminded me of this song. I've always loved his curly hair & his mullet (sorry Miranda!), but he's just as handsome now with short hair & no hat. Best wishes to both of you when you get married & start the next chapter of your life together.

    Mechanicsville, VA

  10. i would love to win this blake cd. i think the man is amazing and his songs are incredible. when watching him online (twitter) he speaks his mind and doesnt hold back. i love that in a person. hes just a real person. thanks

  11. Whats not to love about Blake Shelton! He has a GREAT voice, a Terrific sense of humor, He's not afraid to just be himself, he has a Beautiful fiance, oh… and he is pretty good lookin too 😉


  12. I think Blake is amazing because he is who he is and he doesn't try to be anything different. His music is great and I enjoy it all. I love his songs from the past and enjoy all his new hits. I think he is a great example to all new artists because he is teaching them to be real and not get sucked in to what everyone else wants them to be. I also commend his record label for working with Blake's true personality.


  13. Blake is real and he is as real as it gets which is impressive. He is not just an artist that has a huge following of girls but guys like him as well. He has a great personality and a fantastic voice and he is a down to earth person. He doesn't seem to let fame get in the way of who he is. I love his music, I love his tweets, I love his interviews, etc… He's an artist that when I look to see if he is going to be in our area, my husband doesn't moan & groan and roll his eyes because he actually wants to see him live again too! So that is what I Enjoy about Blake.

    (I'm emailing my comment and email address to you separately – hope thats okay)

  14. Name: Ema

    I would love this CD. He makes my heart go YAHOO every time i think of. He has tweeted me twice and his BS makes him who he is so funny and very talented. love him!

  15. Raina Smith

    Blake is so funny on twitter. I just love picking at him. His music has a feel good sense to it makes you feel warm inside. He isnt recongized as much as he should be in country music. He is over looked. However he is just as big as everyone else. id love to win this CD.

  16. I really enjoy Blake on so many levels. He has a fantastic sense of humor and he is not afraid to be who he really is. That is so important in life especially in that industry. I really really admire how much he adores and shows his love for Miranda. Its not fake at all, the way they look at each other while performing or at awards shows wherever you can practically feel the love coming off both of them. They are both so proud of each other and it shows. Blake is such a great artist vocally but also personally (even though I've never met him but he seems to be such a great guy)

  17. I really enjoy Blake's music. I love all his old stuff and am really enjoying his new two singles as well. I enjoy his personality too, then again who doesn't. I also love his interaction with his fans on Twitter. I think its great that he takes the time to read AND respond to tweets! He's a great guy with a great voice and great personality.


  18. Blake Shelton is a GREAT country singer. His music just gets better & better with each album. His Tweets keep me laughing all day. His charity work is just outstanding. He is SO down to earth and a real person!! I just can't get enough of him.

    Kimberley W (Texas)

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