Concert Review: Sunny Ledfurd Provides A Good Time For All

While you may not hear Sunny Ledfurd on your favorite country radio station that may be because he is an artist who has not classified himself to one specific genre.  However, the Tennessean who currently resides in North Carolina has southern roots that sings laid back music that is upbeat & fun with some country beats & rhythm incorporated into his tunes.

We got the opportunity to see Sunny in action at one of his stops at a venue called “Good Times” and that was just what everyone was having, a Good Time.  It was impressive to see the large following that he has at his shows.  Everyone was relaxed & having a great time as they waited for Sunny to take the stage.  Prior to him going on, there were opening bands where Sunny stood off to the side admist the crowd and watched each opener as he mingled with his fans. 

As Sunny took the stage, fans came in closer and started singing along as soon as Ledfurd started with his first song of the evening “Til I Get To My Driveway” and they continued  singing along with him throughout the whole set.  Sunny put the microphone out and had the crowd sing the chorus of “I Don’t Remember Last Night” and the fans sounded great.  Looking around at the crowd, everyone knew his songs and were enjoying every moment.  Sunny has a full band that interacts throughout the show, including a fantastic saxophonist that would randomly wander out into the crowd and play.

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