Bucky Covington Goes Head Over Heels For Fisher's 3rd Annual ATV Reunion

Bucky Covington fans got an unexpected surprise from the singer last Saturday, August 14th while he was in Patton, PA taking part in and performing at the 3rd Annual Reunion show for Fisher’s ATV World which was being taped for the Outdoor Channel.


Bucky and his band mates, including twin brother Rocky, competed against each other in an ATV skills obstacle course to get the crowd pumped before they took the stage. Midway through the course, Bucky took a nasty head first fall while riding a 4wheeler over rocks and loose logs, only to hop back on and win the race.

“The best part about it was at the age of 32, I head butted the ground like it owed me money,” declared Bucky “and the first thing I thought was… I can still win!”

Shortly after his win on the obstacle course, Bucky rode his dirt bike onto the stage to play for the eager fans.

This episode of Fisher’s ATV World is scheduled to air later this year.