The Countdown Is On For Little Big Town's New Album "The Reason Why"

Little Big Town’s exclusive iTunes Countdown for their forthcoming album “The Reason Why” has begun with the track “The Reason Why,” and pre-release tracks will be available exclusively on the iTunes Store every week for four weeks leading up to its release. 
The Countdown tracks include “Kiss Goodbye,” (available August 3) “Why Oh Why, ” (available August 10) and “All The Way Down” (available August 17) and each track will count towards the purchase of the full album through iTunes’ Complete My Album feature. 
“The Reason Why” hits stores on August 24 on Capitol Records Nashville.
In addition to the weekly track, Little Big Town will offer fans a video podcast series that complements the weekly countdown.  The podcast will give fans an inside look at the making of The Reason Why with footage and in-depth stories from the band.
Click HERE to listen to “The Reason Why” and Click HERE to view the podcast for “The Reason Why.”