Reba McEntire Braves The Weather To "Turn On The Radio"

Reba McEntire and her team braved brutal temperatures as well as a terrifying electrical storm that manifested a nearby tornado while filming the music video for her new smash single, “Turn on the Radio,” last night in Nashville.

Production began mid-afternoon near downtown in a century-old warehouse with temperatures as sizzling hot as the video’s storyline, which sees Reba standing up for herself against a man that’s done her wrong – and showing him, for the final time, who’s boss.

At one point during the afternoon the heat index in Nashville reportedly reached 108 degrees – while Reba, director Randee St. Nicholas, and crew struggled to keep from melting amidst the humidity and additional heat of the production lights; however, the blistering heat was not the last challenge Reba and team would face during the production of “Turn on the Radio.”

Shortly after dinner, cast and crew watched from the top floor of the warehouse as a fast-moving electrical storm blew in – with lightning so intense that the shoot’s generator was promptly shut off for fear of a lightning strike and the ensuing safety risk.

Reba and crew were then rushed down into the dilapidated basement of the warehouse as the crew received word that a confirmed tornado had touched down only a few miles from downtown Nashville AND that the tornado had spun on its tail and was heading straight toward the shoot location.

Reba and crew waited in silence as the sirens sounded, the diagonal rain and hail pounded the walls of the warehouse and the storm passed over.

“This is only the second time one of my video shoots as been shut down because of a storm,” said Reba about the harrowing experience. “The last time something like this happened was on the set of the ‘Does He Love You” video in Long Island. I hope that’s a good omen because ‘Does He Love You” ended up being a Grammy winning-song and a great music video!”

Shooting for “Turn on the Radio” resumed shortly afterward. Fortunately there were no reports of injuries in Middle Tennessee although the storm knocked down trees and limbs as well as brought down power lines and tore shingles off roofs.

“Turn on the Radio”
is the lead single from Reba’s upcoming album (title TBD) which will be in stores on November 9. The song is moving quickly up the charts, rising NINE positions to #32 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs Chart and jumping FIFTEEN spots to #33 on the USA Today/ Country Aircheck Chart (powered by Mediabase) this week.

“Turn on the Radio,” produced by Dann Huff, will be available at iTunes on August 3.