Lee Brice Scores His First Top 10 Single

Lee Brice has scored his first ever Top 10 single with “Love Like Crazy”, the title track to his just released debut CD. While the recording artist is no stranger to hit songs from a songwriter’s perspective (he penned Garth Brooks’ “More Than a Memory,” a song that actually entered the charts at #1, as well as Tim McGraw’s hit “Still”), Brice says it’s an entirely different feeling when you hit that section of the charts as a recording artist.

“When this song hit Top 20, I remember thinking, it just can’t get any better than this,”
Brice said. “But it did. To have a song break through the Top 10 is just an incredible feeling. I hope I get to experience what a Top 5 feels like!”

While Brice may be a newcomer to the Top 10, he is certainly no stranger to the thousands of fans who have seen his live performances. A self-described road dog, Brice has spent most of the past three years on the road, performing in everything from the smallest club to larger arenas, all the while developing a strong and passionate following.

“I’ve always loved the live aspect of what I do for a living,”
Brice said. “It gives you the most immediate satisfaction, not to mention pure adrenalin rush. Watching this song climb the charts is sort of like that rush I feel when I perform it live. It’s that gratification that someone out there is digging what I do, and it just doesn’t get better than that.”

For more information on Lee Brice and upcoming tour dates, please visit Lee’s official website www.leebrice.com.

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