Kenny Chesney's New Single "Boys Of Fall" Hits Radiowaves Tomorrow

It all started with a song… about high school football… the way it feels and makes the young men playing it feel… and it captured the imagination of a kid who quit growing his freshman year and still somehow managed to play major NFL stadiums on his own terms. When “Boys of Fall,” by Casey Beathard and Dave Turnbull, landed in a stack of tapes Kenny Chesney was listening to for his next record, he was stunned by the way the song captured the essence of something he loved so much: all the moments, the details, the heart and especially the lessons playing high school football embodies.

“I just stopped right there, and played it over and over again,” Chesney says of the song. “I knew – as maybe only someone who has felt that thrill of rushing out onto the field on a cold Friday night can – that was exactly how it is… and it also gives you a sense of why playing football in high school is such a powerful thing for anyone who does it. It’s life changing; it just is – and for anyone who’s never experienced that, this song helps them understand why.”

The track, a ballad with a certain energy, evolved from a song that defined how Chesney grew up and grew into one of the 21st century’s biggest music stars to something more. The video for the lead track from his Sept. 28 release Hemingway’s Whiskey – featuring New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton delivering a heartfelt speech to the team where the 2010 Super Bowl-winning coach spent his own high school football career – had so much power, it wasn’t long before Chesney’s year off became balancing the Sony Motion Pictures national theatrical release “Summer in 3-D,” sessions for his new album and work on a powerful documentary featuring many of football’s greatest players and coaches addressing the power of the game in shaping their sense of discipline, humanity and dreams.

“The thing about all of it – the song, the video, the documentary, it’s not just about people who play football and go onto be Joe Namath or Kirk Herbstreit, it’s about the moms driving their kids to practice, and the way this’ll shape the men their sons will become… the girls who come to the games and cheer – and are part of why the boys want to achieve… It’s about the towns who identify with the fate of their team so heavily, it’s a topic of conversation at the diner or the barber shop… and the players who won’t play past high school, but use the lessons they learn to become successful as their lives evolve.

“Anyone who thinks high school football is just a game hasn’t really experienced the best part of high school football. For the coaches, it’s the chance to shape lives; for the kids, it’s the rush and the glory; for the people watching, it’s the thrill of seeing their young men achieve. It brings all kinds of communities together in ways people don’t often think about – but anyone who’s heard this song, they nod their head and smile, because they know.”
Having finished actual recording, Chesney is now putting the final touches on Hemingway’s Whiskey, but with “Boys of Fall” arriving at radio, the man whose won 8 Entertainer of the Year Awards is ready to get back to the thing he does best: releasing music that defines how people live their lives.