Justin Moore's New Video Shows Fans How He Got To Be This Way

Justin Moore’s latest single “How I Got To Be This Way” is a self-penned autobiographical song, so when it came time to filming the music video, Justin chose to provide insight for fans showing how he got to be who he is through childhood photos placed throughout the video.
“There are some performance clips in it, of me performing in this old shed.  And then we also put in some performance clips of me and my band at different shows we’ve performed over the past year.  And then we have some pictures of when I was a kid doing some of the stuff I sing about in this song.  So, it’s going to be a little different.  This video goes a little more in-depth than the others we’ve done.  As I say at the end of the video, I really did all the stuff I’m singing about in the song, so it was important for me to have this clip be kinda autobiographical,” says Justin.  
Click here to watch the video.

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