Jimmy Wayne Closing In On Final Steps of "Meet Me Halfway" Walk

Six states and 1,700 miles later, not to mention more blisters than he cares to count, Jimmy Wayne is closing in on Phoenix, Arizona. The artist is now less than 100 miles away from the final destination of his Meet Me Halfway walk, begun in Nashville, Tennessee on January 1, 2010.  It’s been a long journey, often through harsh conditions, but Wayne says despite the difficulty of the walk, he would do it all again.
“This has been one of the most challenging, and at the same time rewarding experiences of my life,” Wayne said. “I know that might sound strange, but it’s true. This journey has made me think back on the childhood I had – there were many nights I didn’t know where I would sleep, and had no idea if I’d have any food.  Even today, there are kids out there facing the same problems—nowhere to go, no one to care for them. It’s just amazing that in this country child homelessness and hunger are still issues. If this walk has helped even one child find a permanent home with a caring family, it’s been worth every step. And if me doing it all over again would help another, I’m ready.”
Once Wayne hits Mesa, AZ on July 31st, he and his band will take over Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar and Grill to perform a free and open to the public concert to say thanks to everyone who has supported him on this 1,700 mile journey. The show begins at 7:30 pm PT.
Wayne hopes to have even more support when he crosses the finish line at HomeBase Youth Services in Phoenix the next morning. People are invited to meet him at Indian Steele Park at 8:00 am PT on Sunday August 1st and walk the last half-mile to HomeBase with him.  There, the youth and staff of HomeBase will welcome Wayne across the finish line.  And that same night, Wayne will perform a special invitation only concert for area foster children at the Hard Rock in Phoenix.  Wayne plans to broadcast the concert live via ustream, beginning at 7:30 PM PT. Just prior to kicking off the show, he will talk with the kids and staff  back at Monroe Harding in Nashville through skype.
And, notes Wayne, even though the last few steps of the walk halfway across America will soon be a memory, the journey for Meet Me Halfway is only just beginning. Wayne plans to keep the Meet Me Halfway Street Team and supporters busy with new ideas and projects to help him continue to raise awareness of homeless teens.
Follow the final and continuing steps of the journey at  meetmehalfway.jimmywayne.com. For complete details on the finale weekend events, please click HERE.